Al Hassanain Network for Heritage and Islamic Thought

It is an Islamic Website interesting in selection and correcting and publishing the main sources that It is representative by Islamic culture and inherent thought those received from our greatest messenger (may Allah bless him and his family) and his Ahlul Bayt (AS) and his chosen companion (may Allah be pleased with them) or from our scholars (God bless them and save the rest), and what our researches wrote.
Our goal is to promote Islamic awareness and rooting it, and Disseminate of awareness of our Islamic culture and developing it. And put the main sources and the rich scientific studies in the hands of the largest number of stakeholders and observers from intellectuals and researchers on world wide web.
The site contains a number of specialized libraries of various types of an Islamic knowledge, divided into several sub-sections covered the major fields of science and culture, and through a wide range of books and studies ready to browse and download.
The site also contains in addition to what we have referred above, a special section of messages and university theses, and a significant number of specialized journals and the public which was full of names of eminent group of authors with jurisdiction .and this site also has a sound library including a variety of reciting the holy quran and cultural lectures and hawza lessons and supplications and praises and lamentations on the holy prophet (May Allah bless him and his family) and ahlul bayt (May Allah bless him and his family).
And we create a special section for the friends of the site which publishes the contributions and questions, expressing their views on what they see as worthy of discussion and research. Our site is interested in adding what is new , and we are accessible to all observations and suggestions that would contribute to the development of our work in the service of Islam rich Islamic culture, And our motto in all that is what almighty Allah say : (And say work soon will Allah observe your work and His Messenger and the believers) (Repentance: 105), and Allah is Al Hadi to the path of righteousness.