Three years had passed since the commencement of the prophetic mission of the Prophet. After inviting his nearest kinsfolk the Prophet resorted to general invitation. During these three years he had guided some persons by special contacts to accept the Islamic faith but this time he invited the general public openly to the religion of worshipping Allah the One and the Unique One. One day he took his place on a high rock and said aloud: 'Ya Sabahah'! [1]

The Holy Prophet's call received attention. Some persons belonging to different families of Quraysh ran up to him. Then he turned to those assembled there and said: "O people! Will you believe me if I tell you that your enemies have taken positions on the other side of this hill ( Safa) and intend attacking your lives and property?" All of them said We have never heard anything false from you throughout our lives . Then he said: "O people of Quraysh! Save yourselves from fire. I cannot do anything for you in the presence of Allah. I warn you of painful torture!" Then he added: "My position is like that of a watchman who observes an enemy at a far-off point and immediately runs to his people for their safety and warns them of the impending danger by saying 'Ya Sabahah' in the particular manner".

These sentences indicate the basis of his invitation and religion. Quraysh were more or less aware of his religion but these sentences created such a fear in their hearts that one of the leaders of infidelity (Abu Lahab) broke the silence of the people and said: "Woe be to you! Did you call us for this thing?" Then the people dispersed