Shabbir's Bicycle

Shabbir longed for a oicycle. Oh, how he wished he had one. He could see all his friends going to school riding bicycle and he had none. He always told his parents to get him one but they wouldn't listen to him and his mother would tell him, "My dear, you are young, you will fall down and hurt yourself. It Is not easy for young boys to learn how to ride," but nothing could convince Shabbir.

After sometime his parents decided to buy a bicycle for him. One morning when Shabbir came down for breakfast he found a bicycle in the dining room. He could not help screaming with pleasure. At last, he had wanted for all these days. He was so pleased and happy that he ran towards his father and hugged him. However, it was a weekday and he had to go to school. The whole day he dreamt about his bicycle and as soon as the bell rang for classes getting over, he grabbed his bag and off he ran towards home.

He hurriedly had his tea and went out into the garden to ride his bicycle.

He looked at it, as he took it out from the shed. It was beautifully painted with a bright green colour. He mounted his bicycle but no sooner was he up then he fell down crash. He hurt his leg. Up he got again. BANG down he went again. This time he hurt his head and the bicycle landed on him. Ooh! It hurt.

Father heard the crash as he was having his tea and he came out running. He heard Shabbir shouting. "I wish I had never asked for a bicycle." Father gave Shabbir a warm smile and asked him, "what happened?" "I can't", said Shabbir.

Father said: "These are the words that one should never utter except when committing of sins is concerned. Everything in this world is possible and we are told by Imam Ali (a.s.), The Great Leader of Islam, "O people! Put yourself into a thing that you are afraid of or that you find difficult." Riding a bicycle is a small thing but in the future you will have big things to do, so dear, put yourself in this small thing today and tomorrow you will be able to do big things. Come on.

I will hold the bicycle for you and help you learn to ride." Gradually, Shabbir learnt how to ride and today, at this moment, he is on his way to school with four of his friends, all riding on their bicycles. How he enjoys himself now. He is grateful to his father for giving him a good piece of advise and for all his help In learning how to ride.

Mend It In Time

There was Mummy again in Habiba's room drawing the curtains and shouting: "Habiba! get up. You will be late for school." Habiba as usual, did not feel like getting up. She wanted to sleep a bit more. But her mother would not let her. She came to her bed and dragged off the bedclothes and blankets and shivering Habiba, had to get up.

She lazed around and was very slow in getting ready for school. She took out her uniform from the wardrobe. While putting it on, she noticed a hole in the pocket. "O bother! Just when I am getting late I find this hole. Doesn't matter. I will mend it in the afternoon when I come back from school."

The hole was there for a week and she would always say in the morning, "I will mend it in the afternoon." And in the afternoon, she would forget all about it and go to play. This was Habiba's habit. She would not do her work in time. Always it would be "later on." And it would never happen until her mummy would scream her head off. Her mummy had not noticed that there was a hole in the pocket and so Habiba felt she was safe.

One day she came down to the dining table. There was no time for breakfast. She hurriedly drank half a cup of milk, grabbed her school bag and rushed out for school. Her Mummy came running after her. "Habiba, take this money. Use it during breaktime, to have something to eat. You have had nothing for breakfast." Habiba took the money and without thinking twice, put it into her pocket. Yes. The same pocket which had a hole in it.

She went to school running all the way in order to reach in time and dropped all her money on the way. She was very hungry and could not concentrate in the class. She was eagerly waiting for it to be 10.00 so that she could get something to eat. The clock ticked away very slowly and minutes seemed like hours.

Finally, it was breaktime, Habiba quickly put her hand in the pocket and well, no money was there. "Where did it go? I am sure, I had put it in here." She put her hand in again and her fingers came out-through the hole. "O God. I wish I had mended the hole in time. Now I will have to remain hungry all morning because of this stupid and silly act of mine. Why did I not stitch it at once. Oh, why?"

Habiba learnt through her bitter experience and made a resolution to do her duties as soon ae possible. As for this hole, she promised herself to mend it as soon as she reached home. Would she do it? Let's see.


Jenny woke up in the morning,. Her room was warm and bright. It was a nice day. Holidays had begun. She thought of enjoying herself. She got up, drew the beautiful white curtains, made her bed and cleaned up her room. Then she went down to have her breakfast.

The breakfast was delicious. On top of that Jenny got a nice surprise. She opened a new packet of cornflakes and from it she got a glittering silver coin wrapped well in a pink tissue paper. This added to her joy. As she ate the breakfast she thought over how she would use the money. Many thoughts came to her mind. Should she buy some sweets? No. They would get over very quickly.

What about the nice pencil-case that she had seen few days back? Or the pink handkerchief with an embroidery work done at the corners? Well. She couldn't decide so she waited to see the things and then she would choose the best At 10.00 she dressed up, said goodbye to her Mummy and went out to enjoy herself.

She went to the area where there were many shops. She had a look at many beautiful things and was thinking about what to buy. Just then she saw an old lady crossing the road. This lady was very kind and loved children. Now here she was finding it difficult to cross the road because of the traffic. Quickly Jenny made her way towards the lady and greeted her. Then she took her hand to help her cross the road.

They were in the middle of the toad when down went Jenny's Silver Coin. She could see it roll away from her and oops! into the gutter it went. All her dreams about buying beautiful things collapsed but she did not show her feelings to the old lady. As soon as they had crossed the road the lady said "Dear Jenny, you are very kind.

Can you be kind enough to accompany me to my house?" Jenny thought the old lady must be feeling ill so she said yes, When they reached home, the lady invited Jenny in. She gave her a glass of cold orangeade, few delicious biscuits and a huge slice of iced cake.

Then she gave her some sweets. When Jenny was ready to leave, the lady said: Wait for a moment, I am just coming." She went into her room and brought something and put it into Jenny's hand. Jenny was surprised. Guess what it was. THE GLITTERING SILVER COINS.