It seems a long time since the Mission published the first two collections of its Bedtime Stories. We were, therefore, glad when Haji Mohamedtaki N. Rajwani brought to us these nine stories written by his (then unmarried) daughter, Zishaane Fatima.

However, what with one snag or the other, further four years have passed before this third collection could be sent to the press, in this year of Al-Ghadir's 14th century. In the last ten to fifteen years, an appreciable literary taste has developed in the youths of the community.

Boys and girls are trying their hands at pen-manship, as is evident from various regular and not-so-regular youths' magazines like the Knowledge, the Scholar, and the Awaited (all from Dar es Salaam) and Al-Qa'im (from Nairobi). We hope that from among them some talented writers will come up to sincerely serve the cause of religion.

Sayid Saeed Akhtar Rizvi
Dar es Salaam
5th July, 1990