Now raise the Baconian veil from your eye and see two souls engaged in mutual conflict. One of these is enkindling the atomic pyre for the mankind. The other is endeavouring to put this fire out to save the mankind. Recognize them. The former is the soul of Democritus, the founder of the philosophy of ancient Greek atomism. The latter is the soul of Abraham who was during his life cast into the burning pyre by Nemrud and had emerged, without so much as a hair on his body singed.

Democritus-Abraham-Conflict might come as a revelation to you, but the struggle began at the very outset of this age of modern atomism. Francis Bacon (1561-1626) the founder of the Philosophy of modern atomism appeared in the West with his new Philosophy. Mujjaddid Aliph Thani (1564-1624) appeared in the East with his reformation. Spinoza (1632-77) gave his philosophy of Material Wahdatul Wajud (that is the Material Unity of Existence) to the West. Shah Walliullah Muhaddith of Delhi (1703-63) appeared in the EAST with his Spiritual Wahdatul-Wajud and reformation.

This is not the case of merely the coincidence of dates, but rather a close relation occurs in the subjects of these luminaries. The contest was there without their knowing each other. The providence had so arranged according to a deep-rooted and far-reaching scheme.

The year of 1905 was landmark in the History of Atomism. It was in this year that Einstein had by his Special Relativity disentangled the research of atomic energy from the disappointing eddy and put it on its course onward. It was in the same year, that Iqbal was sent to the West. Iqbal's eye was opened there to the reality of the Western Culture and was also opened on the Abrahamic Mission. Iqbal who if he had not gone to the West, might have died as a renowned poet of India or even perhaps no poet at all, returned from the West crying:-

"This age is in quest of its Abraham" And he had seen:-

" Fire, the posterity of Abraham and Nemrud".

And had suspected the possibility of a test of the Abrahamitese:-

" Is the test of any one by any one again purposed?" And he proclaimed his own role in the Abrahamic Mission saying:-

" I have been commended to cry the call for the prayers".

This last poem of Iqbal in toto is the manifest of the Abrahamic Mission. No doubt he only will understand Iqbal who will see him through the spectacle of Abrahamic Mission. Then only it will be known, what Iqbal has done as a crier to prayers in the Abrahamic Mission. Judge his conflict with the modern philosophy in favour of Islamic Philosophy, and you shall know his place as well as his work.

Then came the most critical year in the course of Atomism. The Great Italian Physicist Enrico Fermi, had in the year of 1942, ultimately and actually opened the gate of atomic fire on this world by his successful realization of Uranium Fission Chain Reaction in Chicago. In 1945 its first flame leapt on Hiroshima and consumed it.

The Democritus-Abraham-Conflict had entered in its final round. It was in this very same year of 1942, that in Mussayyib, a place near Baghdad, in my 25th year, Saint Al-Khedhr, the green turbaned recommended me to Abraham for Ibrahamic Mission in a dream, in which I saw also the interpretation of the first 18 verses of the 53rd Chapter (Alnjam) of the Quran in picture including the lots tree (Sidra-tul-Muntaha), which is in seventh heaven as the abode of angel Gabriel and is the repository of revealed scriptures. I at that time could read the Quran though, but without knowing its meanings.

Then ensued a most gruesome intellectual ordeal in most adverse circumstances, that resulted in the interpretation of the 36 word prophecy of the Quran about the atomic hell, ranging over 3000 pages in 12 volumes in English languages, a work that according to my conceit, not all the leading philosophers and scientists of this modern age combined could have produced with ease, if at all they could have produced it, and all that knowledge I gained without a teacher, languages, literatures, histories, philosophies, sciences, scriptures, I studied to their classical bounds.

How I managed is a question far beyond the scope of Freudian Psychological analysis while to describe the excruciating circumstances in which I completed this pilgrimage is a topic not for a poor John Bunyan to treat. I was simply cast into the atomic hell in which I still find myself and there in the chafing flames I read and I observed and I recorded my observations.

I have had an experience unique in all the history of intellect, the case of the divine revelation to the prophets excepted. And remember that I clear myself of every pretext to divinity , or divine authority. Nay even I do not base my work on the divine authority of the Quran itself. It is on the science and the rational logic, the subjects of this age, that my work is based.

It was in 1964, that Late Bertrand Russel in reply to my letter sent his conclusive word on the destiny of mankind. It was a sad surmise. It was sheer disappointment : " Since Adam and Eve," said Russel "ate the apple man has never abstained from any folly of which he was capable of and the end...... is atomic annihilation". Now, unfortunately the surmise of Russel logically and scientifically was correct. But my discovery of the prophecy of the Quran about atomic hell, saved me from the same disappointment about this mankind later at my death bed. The prophecy breathed hope in that, that by removing the causes of the appearance of the atomic hell which it had given out, mankind may avert the atomic danger, and may yet live.

Alas, for Russel, He died without hearing about the prophecy. I was not ready during his lifetime. So also, unfortunately Einstein died without hearing of this miracle of the Quran in the field of nuclear science, his own subject.

This prophecy of the Quran about the atomic hell is a miracle of miracles in the field of nuclear science and philosophy of atomism, so that it is not possible, neither for the scientist nor for the philosopher to deny its miraculous aspect. And this is the sole guidance, to lead this world out of the atomic doom.

It is first time in modern history that this prophecy has exposed the true reality of the Baconian Philosophy and its Baconian progress and its logical end. This prophecy is like Noah's Ark in this fiery deluge of atomism. No movement against the atomic danger could be effectively conducted, and no religion could be completely revived or effectively promulgated without adopting the guidelines given by this prophecy. This atomic hell of this world is the replica and representation of the eternal atomic hell that is the Hotama of the next world. The term Hotama has been used by the Quran in this prophecy. The prophecy provides irrefutable proof of the divine original of the Quran.

This prophecy has an unfailing efficacy. For instance, Miss Animary Shimmel, German Jewish Scholar of some considerable renown, in September 1963, in the Punjab University Lahore, fell on her chair indisposed and comfounded, when during her lecture against the divine original of the Quran, I proposed to her this prophecy of the Quran, as an undeniable proof of a divine original. She never returned to this country fourteen years thereafter. And when she came, her topic was not the origin of the Quran, but the works of Iqbal, Khusro, Bahu and Muslim calligraphy.

And now poor Miss Schimel is left miles behind. Einstein and Russel are required to hear and judge. The Ulema present in the lecture, much pleased, asked about my identity. To which Late Allamah Allauddin Siddiqui, the President of the function, afterwards Vice Chancellor of the Punjab University replied," This man has been created in this nation by chance by the providence. If this nation failed to receive of him that particular light and understanding of the Quran which Allah has bestowed on his breast, Allah will never forgive this nation on the day of Judgement".

My difficulties are to be judged only by the particular nature of my themes. Just as universal, as complex and as intricate are my difficulties. The bitterness of my subject and its unpleasantness is besides. Just imagine a lonely powerless man standing against the relentless desires of a crowd of four thousand million people, that inhabit this earth, heading in a mad rush towards the atomic hell. As far as the bitterness or unpleasantness of my topic is concerned, I am not to be blamed. I would have offered my fellow humans roses, and that had pleased me but I have said that only which the Quran and the Gospel has said, and that which science has said. Mine office has only been of an interpreter.

The name of the Quran itself might create difficulties for me. They who believe in it are involved in their own material difficulties and misunderstandings about the view of the Quran regarding the Baconian Philosophy and Baconian progress. They who do not believe in it, might disregard the key of the future destiny of this mankind, that is in my hand, and all the heaps of acts and discoveries that lay about me like the heaps of diamonds and pearls, inspite of a reputation of the West for the love for research and frankness of heart in the matters of intellectual and philosophical pursuits, which they have. The complexity of my work in a world generally ignorant of nuclear science and Radio-biology form another difficulty.

In order to receive a review of my work I might be obliged to travel to the end of this world in quest of a competent judge conversant equally with the subjects of Nuclear Science, Radio-biology, Philosophy, Theology, Quran and the Gospel. If Christ, Moses, Krishan or Buddha had been today, they would have embraced this prophecy of the Quran doing their utmost best in propagating it throughout the world. But there is a race hypnotized by the Baconian magic to blindness and is doomed.

Let the Muslims know, that to fail in the publication, of this prophecy of the Quran, and to deprive this world of Allah of the conclusive argument and only light to escape the atomic doom means to close the mouth of a furious volcano, while the natural consequence is a share in the flames of atomic hell with other nations, and a question on the day of judgment before the throne of Allah regarding their failure in the propagation of the light of the Quran in the world.

Also that the causes of the appearance of this temporal atomic Hell and punishment in the eternal atomic hell that is Hotama of the next world given out by the Quran, being the same even if this temporal atomic hell is escaped, no possibility exists of escaping the eternal atomic hell that is the Hotama of the next world.

No nation alone can do anything in these circumstances, and the only best possibility is to expose the reality of the Baconian progress and its logical end : the atomic hell by publishing this prophecy of the Quran to the world, so that some collective step may be taken to avoid the grievous doom. No better gift from the Islamic World to this mankind may be expected than the publication of this Prophecy of the Quran in the 15th Century Hijra program to win Allah's pleasure and human gratitude with a possibility of man's escaping the painful punishment. Nor the Non-Muslims could be absolved from the duty of publishing this prophecy in their own interest and in this interest of mankind in general.