The Prohibition Of Recording The Hadith

Author : Ali Al-Shahristani




Reasons For The Prohibition

First Reason Justifications Of Ab¨-Baker

Second Reason Justifications Of `Umar Ibn Al-Khatab

Third Reason Justifications Of Ibn Qutaybah And Ibn įAjar

Fourth Reason Justifications Of Abu-Zahw And `Abd Al-Gghaniy

Fifth Reason Justifications Of Al-Khatab Al-Baghdady And Ibn `Abd Al-Barr

Seventh Reason Justifications Of Most Of The Shiah

Seventh Reason Justifications Of Most Of The Shiah

Reports Of `Abdullah Ibn Mas`¨DíS Prohibiting The Recordation Of The Hadith

The Last Reason The Authorís Opinion

Analysis And Conclusion

Continuation Of The Two Trends After The Holy Prophet Crisis And Solution

A Perspective On The Matter

Models Of The Perpetunity Of The Two Trends

Detainment Of The Rerorters Of Hadith

InfLluence Of Opinionism On Muslim Jurisprudence

The Extension Of The Two Trends After `Umar Ibn Al-Khatab

The Rulers And The Jurisprudential Normalization


The AhL Al-Bayt And The Circulating Sunnah

Umar Ibn Al-Khatab And The Umayyads

Third Stage

General Summary

The Ahl Al-Bayt And The Recordation Of Hadith


Imam Al-Hassan Ibn `ALi Al-`Askariy

(4) The Blood Money For Teeth