A Commantery of Prayer

Author : Muhsin Qara’ati

Publisher’s Foreword

Chapter 1 : What is worship ‘ibadah?

Management in worship

The visage of prayer

The visage of worship [‘ibadah]

Chapter 2: Intention [niyyah]

The intention gives value to the deed

Chapter 3 : Takbirah al-Ihram

Chapter 4 : Surah al-Fatihah

Which one is the straight path [sirat al-mustaqim]

Chapter 5 : Surah al-Ikhlas

Chapter 6 : Bowing Down [ruku‘] and Prostration [sujud]

The prostrations of the saints of God

Chapter 7 : Dhikr at-Tasbih

Chapter 8 : Qunut

Chapter 9 : Tashahhud and Salam