The Holy Quran Text. Translation & Commentary (Volume One)

Author : The Scholar Nasir Makarim Shirazi

The Author's Preface

Who are Those Who Have Incurred God's Wrath. and Those Who are Astray?

The Bounty Of The Earth and The Sky

Why Did Iblis (Satan) Oppose?

A Great Sin, and an Unusual Repetance

The Jew's Plan For The Explotation Of The Common People

No One Can Do Anything Without The Permision Of God

Persons For Negation Of Children

The Truth is Only With us!

Martyrs are Alive

Again Reproach For Concealment

A Detail Of The Fasting Commandment

Different Kinds Of Pilgrimage

Breaking Another Chain Of Capativity

An Incident For Lesson (VERSE NO. 246)

Beginning Of The Verses Of Alma Giving (VERSE NO. 261)

A Complementary To Preceding Discussing (VERSE NO. 283)

Submission To God's Will is The Soul Of Religion (VERSE NO. 19)

The True Love

Traitor and Trusty

The Influence Of Quranic Verses

Don't Take The Strangers as Confidant (VERSE NO. 118)

The Most Dangerous Stage in The Battle Of Ohud

Worship Of Individuals Forbidden

God's Greatest Favour (VERSE NO. 164)

The Universal Law Of Death (VERSE NO. 185)

No Treason in Orphan's Prophets

Another Defence Concerning Woman's Right

The Family Court Of Reconciliation (VERSE NO.35)

Justice and Trusteeship in Islam

Spreading Rumours (VERSE NO. 83)

Independence Of The Soul

False and True Advantages