The Holy Quran Text. Translation & Commentary(The Example Commentary In Brief)(Volume Four)

Author : The Scholar Nasir Makarem Shirazi

The Author's Preface

The Wonderful Story Of Zelgharnine

Occasion Of The Revelation

Is It Possible For God To Beget A Cchild?

Occasion Of The Revelation

I See A Fire in Far Distant

Pharaoh Pepares For Final Attack

Take Lesson From The History

Imagination is The Source Of Polytheism

The Balances Of Justice in The Resurrection Day

The Winds in, Charge Of Solomon

The Commentary : All Creatures Prostrate Themselves Before God

Camel The Ship Of Desert

The Signs Of Allah in Existing

Again The Signs Of Monotheism

Those Who Vie For Doing Good Deeds

The Unacceptable Request

The Issue For Accusing A Wife

No Gloating With Lust

Occasion Of The Relevation /VERSE NO.4650

The Seperator

When The Sky Will Split

Two Simultaneous Seas, A Salty and A Sweet

Pairs In PlantsPlants

The Painful End Of Pharoah's Folk

Don't Admonish Us In Vain

The Grandeur Of Quran

Moses Comes Here With The Hope Of Taking A Brand Of Fire

The Light Of Faith In The Heart Of The Queen Of Sheba

Don't Worry Over Their Plots

In The Bosom Of Pharoah

Moses In The Court Of Pharoah

The Madness For Showing Wealth

A Hint To The Story Of Noah & Abraham

The Flimsy Supports are Like Spider Web