AL-Mahdi (A.S.)

Author : Sayyed Sadruddin Sadr

The Reason for Writing This Book and the Writer's Style

Chapter One : The Holy Verses

Chapter Two : Mahdi is From the Arab Descent

Mahdi is From the Descendant of Muhammad

Chapter Three : Mahdi and His Looks

Chapter Four : Mahdi and His Distinction

Mahdi is the Proof (Hujjat) of Allah

Chapter Five : Mahdi and His Birth

Mahdi and His Long Life

Views of One Magazine by the Name of Al-Muqtataf

Tradition on 'Ghaibat' (Occultation)

Philosophy and reason Behind Occultation

Questions about Mahdi's Fear

Chapter Seven : First Introduction

Chapter Eight : Virtue of Awaiting for Mahdi

Descension of Isa-Ibn-Maryam (A.S.)

Mahdi's Reforms