The Life of Imam Musa Bin Ja'far Al-Kazim

Author : Baqir Sharif al-Qarashi


Chapter II : His Genius and Superiority

Chapter II : His Genius and Superiority

Chapter III : School of Imam al-Sadiq

Chapter IV : His Ideals

Texts on the Imamate

Chapter V : Statements and Opinions

Chapter VI : Some of His Intellectual Legacy

6. The Spreading of Animals on the Earth

His Treatise on the Oneness of Allah

Obtaining Understanding in Religion

His Debates and Discussions

With some Jewish Scholars

Chapter VII : The Collapse of the Umayyad Government

Their Persecuting the Non-Muslims Subjects

Chapter VIII : At the Time of al-Saffah

Chapter IX : During the Time of al-Mansur

His Ruinous Offences

The Revolt of Muhammed al-Zaki

Al-Mansur's Policy is criticized

Chapter X : At the Time of al-Mehdi

Chapter XI : At the Time of al-Hadi

The Prisoners of War reaches al-Hadi

Chapter XII : The time of Al-Rashid

His spending lavishly on Food

His Letter to Sufyan

His Playing Backgammon

Harun orders the ‘Alawids to be executed and assassinated

Chapter XIII : The Time of the Imam

At the Umayyad Time

The Imams debate with them

The Policy of the ‘Abbasid Government

Wonderful Resistance

Chapter XIV : A Group of his Companions and of the Narrators of his Traditions

82. Al-Husayn Bin Makhariq

164. Saffwan Bin Yehya Abu Muhammed, Bayya‘ al-Sabiry

D. Imam Musa loves ‘Ali Bin Yaqteen

5. His Books

F. His Specialization

Chapter XV : The Imam’s Children

Abu al-Saraya joins the Revolt

His Death

Chapter XVI : The Reasons for his Imprisonment

Chapter XVII : In Dark Prisons


21. To the High Comrade