(V) The Quran Says " Hotama Is A Fire Closed In On Them".

Atomic fire has encompassing feature too:-

(1) The atomic bomb explosion assumes the form of an inverted cauldron. Its fallout forms yet another enclosure around the first. The fallout of the Megaton thermonuclear bomb forms a global enclosure.

(2) The Bone-seeking radioactive substances cannot be expelled from the bones even after the death of the patient.

(3) Cancers have appeared from six to thirty years after the actual exposure to radiation. All this time the radiation has kept the victim encompassed.

(4) Cell is attacked by the radiation in the resting stage of the cell, but the effect of radiation appears only in the anaphase of the cell. Radiation thus keeps guard over the cell.

(5) If one organ of the body is irradiated, the whole of the body is encompassed by the radiation.

(6) Frogs if lethally irradiated and kept in a dormant state at a low temperature just above freezing point, they will instead of dying in the usual time interval of three to six weeks survive for many months. However, as soon as the irradiated animals are warmed up they begin to show radiation symptoms and will die in the same time interval as the animals which are not cooled after irradiation. Radiation has laid a siege to the irradiated animals that are cooled.

(7) That the radiobilogists have sensed this encompassing feature of radiation is proved from the fact that forty years ago, Alexander Haddow suggested that the cancer-producing action of the cancer-producing substances may be the result of prolonged interference with normal growth. Although it only is suggestion without the scientific proof yet it suggests the suspicion of the radiobiologist regarding the encompassing trait of radiation.

(8) Radiation encompasses mankind, even all species, nay even the plants to generations, to their extinction. Genes mutated by radiation move secretly from generation to generation till they manifest their existence in some generation in the form of abnormal birth. This abnormality being inheritable increases in kinds and numbers through marriage. This applies to every species of animals and plants to mean that radiation has kept its siege over them for generations, and there exists the possibility that radiation might continue its siege to the extinction of all life on earth. Nay, even thereafter, after the radiation has driven life to its grave, the huge grave of earth, it would keep on the encompassment of the grave that is this earth to million of years indeed according to the half-life of the radioactive substances.

(9) The scene of the Hellish encompassment of this earth by radiation in the age of full fledged atomic-energy-for-peace:-

Just imagine the scene of a world in some future age, when every power house, factory, ship, submarine, railway engine, aeroplane bus even every private car will have its own independent reactor. The leakage and the frequent explosions of old reactors all over the world will fill it with radiation and this earth will appear like a huge globe encompassed by the net of radiations that would continue even after life has been made extinct on earth by the effect of radiation. This world then for a period before the extinction of life will resemble so exactly the atomic hell that no keen-sightedness of a Socrates will be needed to see it so or call it so, nor is it impossible now even before the state has actually appeared, to imagine the actual state that will then be prevailing, naming that state as the atomic hell.


1. The outstretched column of the atomic bomb explosion:-

The column has become the symbolical representation of the atomic bomb explosion. It is by the outstretched column that the atomic bomb explosion is optically differentiated from the conventional bomb explosion. Everybody knows the fact and recognizes it.

2. Radio-active atomic particles raise columns too:-

It is not only the atomic bomb explosion that raises the columns. The radio-active atomic particles too raise columns by themselves. The world of Radioactivity is a world of columns. A single Uranium-235 fission liberates comparatively huge energy equal to 200 MeV and if a Copper atom has to traverse a height of one inch only, it has to move a distance equal to 100 million times its own diameter. We find that an Alpha particle which is much smaller than the Copper atom in size and whose radius is of the order of abut 10-13 cm can rise to the height of from 3 to 7 centimeters. Thus the particle has traversed a distance equal to millions of millions times its own diameter. A football rising into air in the same ratio to its size would move far out into the outer space. Gamma rays despite their extreme smallness traverse a distance of 200 yards in air. This ratio is further formidable, rather inexpressibly large.

Beta Rays move several yards in air. The Neutron in the process of fission chain reaction of U-235 has to move a distance more than ten thousand times its size while rising from one nucleus to another, yet the Neutron is checked by the absorbing Nucleus, otherwise it can traverse greater distance if left to move unchecked. It means that the feature of raising columns is inherent in the nature of the atomic phenomenon itself, and is not confined to the atomic bomb explosion only. Further we find the Cosmic rays falling in showers on earth from the outer space. What formidable heights these columns would have. This may also be remembered that so fast is the speed of the atomic particles (Gamma rays move with the speed of light), that a rising particle would appear like the flash of lightening, although rising like a column. The scientist has not viewed this point from this angle as yet. A point more important than the unification of natural forces perhaps due to its correct direction.


The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said:-

" Allah will send angels equipped with covers of fire, and nails of fire, and columns of fire. They will cover the doomed with covers of fire, and will transfix them with nails of fire, and will stretch the columns of fire upward over them. The entire phenomenon will be made so over airtight that not a trace of delight shall enter from without, nor a trace of Agony will escape from within. Allah will forget them on His throne, and will cut them off from His mercy. The inmates of paradise will begin to enjoy the boons of Allah. The inmates of hell will cease to cry for help, and speech will come to an end. Their speech will then be (as the sound of) inhaling and exhaling". (Quoted from Al-Jallalain).

It is hardly possible to find yet another description of the atomic bomb explosion phenomenon as realistic and exact. The atomic bomb explosion is like a cover of fire, the radiation rays are like the nails of fire which transfix the unfortunate inmates of the atomic hell. The columns of fire stretched upward are the columns of the atomic bomb explosions.


The early commentators of the Quran have said, the interrogative mode of the Quran in this question implies terribleness of the phenomenon of Al-Hotama. The terribleness of the atomic bombs and the atomic radiations is no secret, but to this may be added the unusual complexity of the subject of nuclear science. Today every atomist and every radiobilogist may be put the question, " What could teach thee what nuclear science is ?". Indeed, the complexity of the nuclear science is so baffling, and may remain for ever baffling, and the knowledge of nuclear science is so very scanty that the answer would invariably be as " Nothing".


The Quran says "Woe to every backbiter, defamer, who amasseth wealth (of this world) and arrangeth it (against the future). He thinketh that his wealth will render him immortal. Nay, for verily he will be cast into Al-hotama.". These are the causes given out by the Quran for the punishment of Al-Hotama. The atomic fire is the production of a science whose very object has been the accumulation of wealth and a struggle for remaining for ever rich, increasing the riches in a systematic, continuous, infinite and eternal manner with all the interest in this world only. Backbiting and defaming is inherent in the very nature of the philosophy of atomism which is the philosophy of this age. Mark the perversion of the critical attitude of the modern rationalism which could be seen to border on calumny. And that the struggle for the dominion over nature with a view to obtaining material benefits as the object of man's life it is that has ultimately resulted in the appearance of the atomic fire. And dreadful enough, the identity between the causes of this transient atomic hell and the eternal Hotama of the next eternal world implies inescapable and eternal punishment in Hotama for those who deserved punishment in this transient atomic hell, even if they escaped it for any reason.


The Quran says " He will verily be cast into Al-Hotama". Just as the three ingredients of gunpowder produce the gun powder, the three causes of the atomic fire produce atomic fire. The causes as given by the Quran are, "slander, wealth accumulation and perpetual struggle in increasing the riches", and a "belief in eternity of this process of wealth accumulation".


The atomist could be sued in the Court of Science for his gross violation of the dictates of science in recommending the adoption of atomic energy. No force of nature is to be subjected to man's service without first achieving control over that force and producing for the protection against the pernicious effects. The atomic energy has special place in this respect. It has its special insidious hazards that amount to the total extinction of life on earth, and untold miseries and unheard of afflictions. The nuclear scientist at present has very meager knowledge of the subject of nuclear science and has little control over it, while the hazards incident on the atomic energy are unique in nature, and judging from the nature of the subject it appears that there is little hope for attaining to the required knowledge of the subject, and obtaining the required control over it.

The question of knowledge may be judged from the fact that there is no certainty even in the permissible dose of radiation and it may prove erroneous in future with ruinous results. Radiation is harmful in any amount and the only possible method of protection against it is by completely materially covering the source of radiation. The atomic reactors have the tendency to explode and to inundate the neighboring districts with the flood of radiation, while the people there are left at the mercy of elements. No sure cure for radiation sickness is discovered and none is in sight.

The genetic effects of radiation are irreparable and irreversible, and nothing therefore could be done in that most important of the factors. Mutated genes could not be detected and nothing could be done after the mutated genes have manifested their existence with disastrous effects, that may end in the extinction of all life on earth. These and many more facts are all known to the scientist. But he appears to treat the adoption of atomic energy as an experiment of research-cum-material benefit.

That is, at the same time to conduct the nuclearexperiment on human guinea pigs and to avail the material advantage of theatomic energy. This is the suicidal attitude in the special case of atomicenergy. No but the experiment has to be completed first in the Laboratory andthen the adoption of the atomic energy has to be thought of. This is theverdict of science itself. The experiment of atomic energy means theinvolvement of the entire world in the destruction.

Alas, the scientist likeevery other individual of this age of atomistic materialism has been blinded bythe influence of the three causes of the appearance of the atomic hell,otherwise the problem is not so very difficult to understand. If,however, the atomic-energy-for-peace or for war will be adopted withoutfirst fulfilling, the requisite conditions stated above then no Prophetis required to predict the disastrous ruin of this world, whether it camethrough atomic bombs or whether through the long term effects of the radiationsof atomic-energy-fore-peace in a slow decaying manner.


Thiswarning of the Quran is a miracle undeniable by the scientist or thephilosopher. It is the light, the only light to guide the world out of theatomic pit. It is Noah's ark in the fiery deluge of atomism. Neglect it, andthen, from this transient replica of Hotama (the eternal Hotamic hell of thenext world) you go right into the eternal Hotama of the next world, the causesof both are the same. The loss of this transient world is like this world itselftransient. But dread the eternal punishment in the next eternal world. I wishyou could judge