The Testimony Of Figures

In concluding this study we cite the testimony of statistics in support of the viewpoint of religion, confirming that there is no substitute for religion, and that man cannot make a civilization that is capable of offering him prosperity and peace, away from religion and the message of Allah.

These figures, as we shall see, are a witness telling the truth before the tribunal of history and judgement of intellect; the witness that will explain to us the severity of the tragedy under the reign of the substitute brought by man to take the place of the civilization of Faith, after having dismissed from his life the idea of faith, the moral values and the way of religion.

Let us hear these figures speak, and let us ask for the testimony of the institute for statistical researches. Let us put the contemporary civilization in the cage of accusation, so that we may uncover its secrets and its identity before the eyes of deceived humanity. We can figure out only snap-shots and mere samples, randomly taken, to disclose the bitter truth hidden behind these figures.

The concerned studies and statistics show horrible facts about the incidents of the individual and social decline and ruin, in the materialistic and capitalistic communities. Hereunder are excerpts from those statistics:

*A crime is committed every 30 seconds in New York.

*Nine girls out of every twelve are raped or kidnapped in Great Britain. The police could arrest only 13% of the criminals. * The percentage of crimes increased by 84% during recent years;

whereas the juvenile crimes increased by fivefold during the first half of 1975. Groups of youngsters - below 20 years of age -are kept every day waiting at the doors of the courts, for grave crimes such as burning vehicles, immoral transgression, rape, robbing and murder.3
( 35 )

Dr. Homer, a Swede, and envoy of the United Nations who had been asked to study the status of the women in the Arab countries in 1975, announced: "It is the Swedish woman who should demand her freedom. as the woman in the Arab countries has already reached the peak of her freedom under Islam. "She also said: "The Swedish woman tries these days to have this year announced as The International Year of the Woman', and then declare another year for the man, so that he may extract his rights from the woman.

She added that the tragedy of the Swedish woman is the very freedom which took her to a dangerous and tem1~'ing stage.

In her report, Dr. Homer says: "25%of Swedish women suffer from psychological and nervous sicknesses; and 40% of Sweden's income is spent on these diseases caused by the freedom which the Swedish woman attained and which she is practicing .4 *Another report disclosing the tragedy of humanity under the materialistic culture says: "The American association for Family Services announced that the disintegration of the family, which reached an epidemic stage, tops the list of social problems. Every year more than one million persons are separated or divorced, which is sevenfold higher in percentage, compared to that of a hundred years ago.

*The juvenile crimes, which are strongly connected to divorce cases, are three times as much compared with the statistics of 1940.~

*Let us listen to Mr. Winch, who says: "Do you know that most of the murder crimes are not committed by professional criminals, and that they are not motivated by theft; and that most of them are committed by friends and relatives? *The Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I) reports that in murder cases within families, the husbands are mostly the murderers; and in 15% of family murders the children are the victims of their parents.6

*According to a referendum carried out recently by the UNESCO, 60% of the housewives in the USA and Europe feel discontented, disappointed and miserable.7

*1n the report issued by the French Physician, Dr. Lyreete: 30,000 people die every year in France of Syphlis, while in the USA the victims of inherited syphlis are between 30,000 and 40,000 children.8 This disease is spread by adultery.

*A report about divorce cases on the grounds of unfaithfulness in Great Britain shows the following figures:

In 1938 9970 cases

in 1950 29096 =

( 36 )

In 1960 27870 =
In 1969 60134 =
In 1970 70575 =
In 1971 110017=
In 1972 109822=
In 1973 115048=

*The grave problem in the pre-Soviet communist society was that of every two marriages one was ended in divorce, in most of the cities of west USSR. In Moscow, for example, 49 out of 100 marriages ended in divorce after the birth of the first child. In Mavadansk the percentage of divorce is 72.9%. The Physicians' Conference held in Moscow in 1975 called for urgent measures to tackle this grave social instability - that is, the high divorce percentage and low birth rate... 9

The "Hospital Today , a magazine of London, in its editorial of the April 1975 issue, published a summary of the annual report of the British Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. It says:

"...Despite the abundance of contraceptive medicines and legalized abortion, it is noted that 8.6% of the children are born to unmarried mothers! There is a further serious problem. In 1973 the following cases were noted:

I case of an 11 - year old pregnant girl.
6 cases of 12 - year old pregnant girls.
38 cases of 13 - year old pregnant girls.
255 cases of 14 - year old pregnant girls.

There were 166,000 cases of legal abortion during the same year, 50% of which were by unmarried women. If these talking figures give us astounding facts about the social and moral state of the materialistic and communist civilizations, there are some other figures which draw the picture of their economic tragedy, giving more evidence of the failure of man-made systems and their being incapable of solving man's problems.

*International statistics show that, "there are in the world 400 million persons undergoing a slow death because of hunger , and that five million persons actually
( 37 )

die of hunger. Several conferences have been held within the past two months in Bucharest, Rome, London and elsewhere to discuss the food problem. Before holding each of these conferences, the observers used to assert that the results of the conference would be no better than those of the previous one. They say: "It has become a common thing to see these conferences held and concluded without finding the solution for this human drainage to which the peoples of the world are subjected, especially in Africa and Asia..."10

" the same time, the experts stress that the USA alone can feed all those millions of people who are being subjected to slow death...'' 11

Perhaps the best confirmation of the said statement came from the American Minister of Agriculture who announced: "If we killed half of the cats and dogs we keep, the food which we thus spare can satis1~ all the hungry stomaches in the world.'12 "In the fields of development, food and housing, all the experts unanimously agree that the available natural sources in the world can meet the needs of all the people of the world, should there be enough good intention to exploit them, and to equally distribute them among the people of the world. But the root of the problem stems from the unjust distribution of wealth.

13 This is the picture which is drawn by the figures and statistics accumulated by the substituted civilization, a civilization devoid of any faith and spirit. A civilization devised by the deviated ignorant minds after refusing to live under the shade of the message of the religion and faith, the message which tells the truth, and invites the lost and the proud to repeat the reckoning of their accounts, and review the history of their lives, and reconsider the evaluation of their attitudes, deriving a lesson from Allah's saying:

"And how many a generation We destroyed before them who were mightier in prowess than they! so they went about in the lands! Is there a place of refuge? Surely there is a reminder in this for him who has a heart or he gives ear and is a witness. Holy Qur'an (50:38-37)

And praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds.


1- (a.s.) are the abbreviations of the Arabic phrase aloyhi/alayha/ alayhim/ as-salam which mean May peace be upon him/her/them'.

2- (s.a.w.) are the abbreviations of the Arabic phrase sal-lallahu ala yhi wa alihi' which mean May Allah's blessings be upon him and his

( 38 )


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