The Shiite Islam

Author : A number of Shia Authors


Part I: The Historical Bckground Of Shi'ism

The Two Problems of Succession and Authority in Religious Sciences

Part II: The Historical Bckground Of Shi'ism

The Bleakest Days of Shi'ism

Shi'ism During the 2nd/8th Century

Shi'ism in the 3rd/9th Century

Shi'ism in the 4th/10th Century

Shi'ism from the 5th/11th to the 9th/15th Centuries

Shi'ism in the 10th/16th and 11th/17th Centuries

Shi'ism from the 12th/18th to the 14th/20th Centuries

Chapter II : Division Within Shi'ism

Part II: Shi'ite Religiuos Thought

First Method : The Formal Aspect of Religion

The Principles of Interpretation of the Quran

The Method of Shi'ism in Authenticating the Hadith

Second Method : The Way of Intelection and Intelectual Reasoning

Third Method : Intelectual Intuition or Mystical Unveiling

Part III : Islamic Beliefs From The Shi'ite Point of View

The Meaning of the Divine Qualities

Chapter V : On The Knowledge Of The Prophet

The Prophets and Proof of Revelation and Prophecy

The Prophecy of Muhammad

Chapter VI : EschatOology

Chapter VII : On The Knowledge Of The Imam (Imamology)

A Brief History Of The Lives Of The Twelve Imams