The Golden Chain Of Narration

Because of being the trusted Prophet's family and the most learned, the narrations of Ahlul Bayt were often referred to as the Golden Chain of Narration. Ahlul Bayt's care in transmitting, and their meticulousness, and righteousness made people flock to them for quotes of Hadith, taking them as examples, and writing numerous books about Hadith, Fiqh, Ah'kaam, Halal and Haram among other subjects. The Shi'a believe that the Imams were Divinely Commissioned, therefore they were Ma'soom, meaning safeguarded by Allah from:

* Religious error,
* Sin, and
* Forgetfulness.

Therefore, to the Shi'a the narration of the Imams was binding, their teaching binding, and the Hadith they narrated was the only one acceptable to them. If the Hadith in the Sihaah Al-Sittah (Sunni) is confirmed by the Hadith from one of the Imams, then that Hadith is acceptable, otherwise it would be questionable.

Each Imam used to say: "My Hadith is the Hadith of my father, and his is the Hadith of his father, up to Ali, who directly narrated the Hadith from Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)."

Manners Of Collection Of Hadith



Registered by highly qualified scholars in Islam.

Registered by highly qualified scholars in Islam.

Quoting various people whose narration went back to the Prophet's Companions then to Muhammad (pbuh) himself.

Quoted from the twelve Imams (Ahlul Bayt). Narration was straight through to Muhamma (pbuh) by way of Ali's registration of Hadith.d